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The First Group Social, Search and Recommendation Engine

For you, your family and friends​. A fun and easy group text messaging and SMS-based plugin and app to help groups choose where to eat, drink and play.

Making a choice as a group solved

Toested solves the age-old problem related to how chatting with multiple friends or family while searching for a place to eat or drink creates a multitude of disparate options. 

Simple as…share, vote and go

Gamified and interactive where groups can vote on local recommendations and options making the experience loads of fun to use – a natural extension into the metaverse.

How It Works

Introducing Jammy

Meet Jammy, your friendly go-to guide and AI (artificial intelligence) or might we say, "OI - Organic Intelligence" specialist to help you, your friends and your family make all types of choices in a fun and interactive way.

Group Text
Jammy Recommends
Fun Voting
Jammy Posts Place
Go Eat, Drink and See